Saturday, August 20, 2016

Song Spells: Don't Let Me Down by the Chainsmokers ft. Daya


I can't even begin to tell you how awesome I think this song is. The lyrics scream spellwork at me and I have actually used this song for that specific purpose! You can use this as a petition to your Deities, or to guides or what have you. I personally used it as a calling to the general collective of the Universe when I needed some emotional and financial support for a fundraiser I was doing.

I mean the openings lyrics! Amazing.

Crashing, hit a wall
Right now I need a miracle
Hurry up now, I need a miracle
Stranded, reaching out
I call your name but you're not around
I say your name but you're not around

There are a bunch of ways that I think this song could be worked into a spell. The way I did it was to blast it as loud as I safely could in my car, all the windows rolled down, including the sun roof, my left hand dangling out of the window, palm flipped up to the sky (left if receiving) and singing at the top of my lungs, making sure to put all I had into the lyrics:

Don't let me down
Don't let me down, down, down
Don't let me down, don't let me down, down, down

The fun part is towards the end when Daya really belts out "don't let me down" THIS is the moment when I put my energy BACK into the Universe and I commanded that I was supported. 

If you want to do this in a structured ritual then I would recommend getting a stone that speaks to you of prosperity and grounding, or even a stone that opens up the heart chakra. I'd listen to the song on repeat and build up that energy a time or two and then on the third(?) go I'd try to release it on the belt-y part at the end of the song. 

Really, this song is already so well suited to witchcraft that I can't think of too much to do to dress it up - just sing, even if it's in the shower in the morning! 


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sex Magick


Disclaimer: Sex magick should only be used between two consenting adults. This blog post does not condone nor give excuses for those under the consensual age to be unsafe. Please utilize birth contraceptive and protective measures for your health and safety. 
 Furthermore, Ristoria and The Witch Hollow are free from any and all liability and this blog post isn't a substitution for professional, legal, medical, financial or psychiatric advice/care.

Today's post is going to be something that I've wanted to write about for a long time, but wasn't ready for any repercussions that might come along with writing about sex. It's been sitting in the queue for months. Months, I tell you.

For years and years, sex has been demonized by many groups of people and there are lots of people (Pagan included) who still think that it has no place being talked about freely.

I call bullshit. There is nothing inherently wrong with sex between two consenting adults, or with masturbation. I mention the latter of the two because that's the kind of sex magick that I have the most experience working with.

For those of you reading this and thinking that all your problems will be cleared up by having a crap ton of sex, I'm sorry to inform you that that's not how this works, at least in my experience.

 Just like with any form of spellcraft, sex magick is part of a practice. Masturbating here and there with a passing thought of spellwork isn't going to get you crap, besides for the benefits of masturbation, which aren't too shabby looking on their own.

Sex magick can be worked with a partner, but I  refrain for the simple fact that a partner's energy may get in the way. Both parties have to be very clear on what the outcome is to be, and both parties' energies would have to align in a way that I think is more difficult, especially during sex.

So, that leaves us with masturbation, and I like to break up a sex magick working into three phases: Before, During and After.


 Before you work your sex magick it's important to set it up like you would with any other spell. Make sure the timing is right - are the planets in a certain alignment; is the moon phase right for what you want to do; will you have enough time to perform the spell without rushing? All of these are things you want to take into account. The most important step though, is to figure out what your end goal is. What is that thing that you need and why did you think sex magick was the right vessel?

I always make sure I have enough time to take a shower beforehand, use the nice smelling soap, the fancy loofah, the shower oils, the nice lotion after the shower.  You might want to take a ritual bath before hand, or pick out special clothes or lingerie specifically for sex magick. I think it's important to pamper yourself because your body will literally be your temple for this working.

Also, take into account if you want to have music playing or candles you want to light? I do both and I have specific music just for sex magick and specific candles I light.


  Make sure you take your time. During one spell working session I received a message from the Goddess Anu: "Learn to be infinitely gentle with yourself."

This isn't about just getting off. Like I said before, this is still spellwork. However, this is spellwork that involves body and soul in a more intimate way. Learning to be gentle with yourself isn't just about the sex, but rather the state of mind while performing the sex magick. While focusing on your end goal, other things might pop in your train of thought.

 Instead of getting frustrated, just let the other thoughts go and try to refocus on what you're doing. Focus on what you need and want instead of what you think should happen. Even the best-laid plans sometimes go awry; try to be flexible while working sex magick, especially if with a partner. Most of all, relax and be gentle with yourself, unless you like your sex rough, then have at it. (Please be safe.)

While you're masturbating/having sex, make sure that you keep your end goal in mind. Focus on what you want to happen. Really utilize your visualization skills and hold that thought as the energy builds up. When climax finally happens, try to hold onto that thought as clearly as you can (which can be difficult, especially with a partner and why sex magick is still something that needs to be practiced.) I find it effective to shout what I want in your head (you might want to summarize the end goal to one or two words to keep it simple as well, I mean, really you're going to be orgasming and no one wants to mentally shout a long ass sentence.)

It's commonly thought that your heart stops for a minuscule amount of time during orgasm (sometimes called la petit mort, or "the little death") and while I haven't found scientific facts to back that up, it's an interesting thing I've heard. One of my mentors who practices sex magick holds onto that thought and believes that during orgasm, during the little death, if we hold onto our end goals we can bring them over to the afterlife for that quick moment that we "die", to allow the spirits and energies there in the wide void of the universe to help us get what we need for the spell.


 After you orgasm, just relax. This is where learning to be gentle with yourself also is necessary. Climaxing and then jumping up and getting right into a shower and then back to your daily routine is a surefire way to undo some of the work you've just done.

Take a moment to return breathing to normal, to thank your body for the work it's just done, to mentally close up any connections that had opened during sex and to ground again. Reconnect with your partner if you're with one. Take your time to get up and get ready again. I usually get up slowly, extinguish any candles, shut off the music and get my outfit ready for my after-shower.

If you have nowhere to be, then you can always sit in front of your altar space, or even lie in bed/wherever you are and use that languid feeling from orgasm to meditate. I've done that a time or two and the results were very clarifying.

On the other hand, if the sex magick you were working was more fierce then you might want to use the free feeling that orgasm brings to do some more spellwork. I remember a ritual I performed right after a confidence sex magick working and the ritual was powerful, and grounded while being open to the universe and helped me connect with the sacred Wild Woman.

See what works for you! I'd love comments from other sex magick workers and I'd love to see how everyone else feels about the little death idea. It's quite intriguing to me!



Monday, July 11, 2016

Why I've Been Quiet


Hey everyone,

Today's going to be a little personal blog about why I've been so quiet lately. My last post went up in April and it's now July.

To be honest my spiritual path has changed SO MUCH that I wasn't sure if I even wanted to continue with The Witch Hollow. I feel like where I was when I started this is so, so incredibly different from where I am right now.

Back in June I went on a retreat dedicated to The Morrigan. I had been working with The Morrigan for about a year before this retreat, so it's not like it was new, but I wasn't doing as much, and I didn't feel quite so much.

So, during the retreat I had so many incredible moments. At one point I spoke directly with Badb, an aspect of The Morrigan. Ever since that night I've had Her voice come through to me, to give me and a close friend messages.

The reason why this is so crazy for me is because if someone else had said something like that to me I would have politely nodded but though "yeah, sure this Goddess talks to you. suuuure you get messages, I TOTALLY believe you."

If it were one or two times I would have chalked it up to a coincidence. The thing is, it happens about two to three times a day. After first speaking with Her I was with my best friend, at the retreat, and I would say things that she was thinking, without us even talking about them. Or I would say something and then we'd pull a tarot card that would perfectly describe what it was that I was saying. Or a card would pop out. Or, my favorite: I would shuffle for a few minutes at a time and no matter what the Queen cards would come out, one right after the other, every. time.

I just feel so incredibly tied to The Morrigan, and to Badb and my path has narrowed and zeroed in on Her so that's all I'm really focusing on right now. The thing is though, is that I'm still so new to the path that I've chosen that I don't really have too much to write about.

My path before this one was very Wiccan flavored, very "male/female" very "fluffy." While I don't consider myself to be a fluffy bunny, I will say that I focused on the light in order to help with my anxiety.

All of the things I've learned and have been practicing for the past 7-8 years just don't feel right anymore. It just doesn't click with me anymore. The things I used to talk about don't apply to my own path, which leaves me in a bit of a pickle. Do I keep writing on what I do know that could help others, or do I start fresh and blog about the path I'm on? Do I blog at all? Lots of questions for myself, but I figured I'd fill anyone in if they happen to keep up with what I'm doing.


PS. I'm also struggling with the use of Ristoria. It was the name I chose for myself at the beginning of my path and even that seems stale and like it doesn't fit anymore. Who knows.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Monday, April 11, 2016

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Date Yo Self


Why? Because you're hella cute and totally charming, and you give THE BEST hugs. Seriously.

This post is going to chat about something that I've been working on for a few weeks now.

Let me preface this by saying that I'm in a committed relationship. I've been with my lovely fiancee, Marian, for 6 years total. I am totally, 100% in love and happy with her.

However, I needed...something more. Something that she just couldn't provide for me. Not another person -  I needed to love myself and be happy with spending time with myself and just liking who I was as a person. Most of my time is taken up trying to be an mature older sister, or a considerate lover, or a supportive best friend. I needed to learn how to come to like the person that I was when I was alone, and left alone with all the thoughts that rattle around in my head.

I was getting so bogged down with being there for other people that I wasn't there for myself and I was starting to dislike myself...a lot.

And I don't know about you, but I HATE feeling like I hate myself. It's a shitty-ass way to feel.

So, I started to date myself. You know all those cute little things you do for your significant other when you start dating? The cute texts throughout the day, the love notes, the little gifts to show you're thinking about them, the planning out dates and getting all excited when thinking of spending time with them?

Yeah, all that, aimed right at this chick right here. I leave myself sticky notes telling me how cute I am, how brilliant I am, how amazingly AWESOME I am. I make sure to take myself out on a date once a week - just doing something by myself, for myself. Pretty soon I'll be taking myself to an art gallery since it's not really Marian's thing, but I freaking love them.

If I see something small and nice at a store I'll buy it for myself, because why the hell not?

So, my plums, try dating yourself. Write yourself love notes in your journal, take yourself out on a date, buy the cute thing in the store. You're worth it.


Friday, March 18, 2016

You Are What You Eat


***May be a trigger for some people***

Today I am going to talk about eating animals from a spiritual point of view. I have been a vegetarian/vegan on and off for the past few years. I love the vegan diet and the way it makes my body feel, but I like that I’m saving animals from the horrors that are factory farming MORE, since, sadly, that’s where the majority of animals are being brought up.
This isn’t going to be a post about all of that though, and I’m not here to shame anyone for what they eat. I understand dietary restrictions and personal choice. 
In this post I’m going to share one of the reasons – the spiritual reason – why I don’t like eating animals.
The first reason for not eating meat, beef specifically, is because Brighid asked me not to. Brighid is my matron and one night while falling asleep I was visited by her in that place where you're not quite awake but you're not fully asleep yet. She simply told me "Please don't eat beef. Cows are sacred to me." So, the next morning I told my significant other and that was that. 
Everything else is a little more involved. I believe all plants and animals have a soul. Everything has energy. When I eat plants and animals I am consuming their energy. Now, as I mentioned most of the animal products that people buy are from factory farms. Even if things are labelled as “free-range” or “organic,” it doesn’t mean what you think it means. Free range chicken most of the time means that they’re not in battery cages, and are allowed to walk, it’s just in a huge, overcrowded, filthy barns where they walk on their own feces and the dead bodies of other chickens. I digress. 
Regardless of what labels they have, if you consume meat that you haven’t killed yourself, that animal probably died at the hands of machines, in factories, or from people that weren't concerned with the animals last moments. None of those animals died a peaceful death. Those animals were probably terrified. I have watched videos of factory farming and I have heard the screams of cows and pigs and the flurry of feathers from chickens and turkeys.
Which got me to thinking…what if I feel like garbage when I eat meat  because I am consuming the animals last thoughts, last feelings? Muscles that were tensed in fear, confusion clouding the blood that pumped through the same muscles that were now going into my meals and into my body. This energy was supposed to nourish my body and soul, to keep me going. Instead I was lowering my own energetic vibration level with those negative energies.

I have noticed that when I’m vegetarian, and even more so when I’m vegan, that my own energy levels are higher. My body performs better as long as I get the correct balance of foods. I thought that maybe this is the reason why I felt so much better. I wasn’t consuming that fear, and those last emotions that the animal felt.
Again, I’m not saying any of this to pass judgement and I’m just sharing a thought process that I had. It’s food for thought.
Let me know what you think in the comments, I’d love to hear your opinions on the matter.
Love and Light,