Forecast Friday #1

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Witch Hollow’s very first Forecast Friday! Every Friday I’ll pull 3 tarot/oracle cards. They will be face down and each assigned a number and you get to choose which card is pulling to you – make sure to comment in the section below!

Later in the day I’ll reveal what the cards are and tell you what they mean/what you should pay attention to for the weekend and the coming week. I hope you’ll all play along!

)O( Ristoria

The forecast is revealed! 

If you chose card #1 you got: The Page of Swords. I like to call her Samantha of the Swords. She’s all about going for it. She has a plan for a new project and she’s letting the wind rush through her wings, allowing her to just feel the moment. I think of her as a “act now, think later” sort of gal. She has her sword at the ready for anything that gets in her way – and she won’t let much slow her down or stop her. Since she is a Page she symbolizes new beginnings and the start of a project – go for it!

If you chose card #2 you got: The Six of Wands. This card is all about victory, triumph and feeling on top of the world. His stance reminds me of an ancient gladiator in the arena, basking in the glory of the crowd. This card is telling you that you’ve got nothing but greatness coming for you! Be careful not to get too arrogant though! It’s great to celebrate, but no one likes a sore winner.

If you chose card #3 you got: The Page of Pentacles. I call her Penelope. Penelope to me is the Hermione Granger of the deck . She is all about scholarship, being the bearer of messages and is trustworthy. You can safely tell Pen your secrets and she will keep them safe and sound for you. Her owl friend is also a carrier of intelligence and will help you on your way. This card tells me that this weekend and throughout the next week you’re going to have your head in the game, and something tells me it may have to do with work or school – someplace that you need to keep your schedules in place and everything lined up in order to be successful.

I hope you enjoyed this Forecast Friday! Make sure to come back next week!


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