How to Fit Spirituality into a Busy Life.

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to be talking about a topic that I have been struggling with for the past few months, ever since I started the Fall 2015 semester at school.

This semester has been filled with school work, a part-time job, trying to have a life with my fiancee, rehearsals for the school play I’m in and a whole heap of other things, including NaNoWriMo. Unfortunately, with everything else on my mind, my spirituality has often taken the back seat on this crazy train.

After working a six-hour shift at work and then heading to a six-hour rehearsal, the last thing I have energy for is a ritual or spellwork. Even if I were in the mood for it, I literally don’t have the energy needed!

I am sure that many of you are passengers of the crazy train with me: school, work, friends, family, kids, spouses, laundry, dishes etc. ad nauseum all get in the way of a peaceful and spiritual life.

So, what are us busy people supposed to do?
I have found that the best thing to do when I am stressed is to not try to  squeeze one more thing into my already busy schedule, but to rather work it into moments I already have.

I get sick and tired of everyone and their mother preaching to “prioritize” and to “make room for things that mean a lot to you.” It’s great advice, but it’s not for me. No matter how many times I try to rearrange my life to making a more spiritual path, the more I have to schedule it in, the less I want to be bothered. 

I don’t want to have a spirituality that can only be done when the clock strikes a certain hour – that’s part of the reason why Paganism and I get along so well. My spirituality isn’t defined by a certain day of the week, or hour or whatever. I can do my magick where ever and whenever I need to! I just have to remember to do it, that is.

Another tip is to turn habits that I already have into magickal moments. Quick example? Checking the time on my phone. I, like many other people, have fallen into the smartphone pit. I am glued to my phone because of how easy it is to get things done on it. One thing that I do a lot throughout the day is check the time. I also have a lock screen on my phone, so whenever I push the side button to light up the screen, the lock screen and clock are displayed.

In order to make something as mundane as checking the time magickal, I set my lock screen to a tarot card. This way, whenever I check the time I am shown the message that I need. This week it is one card, next week I’ll pull another. If you do a daily draw, try setting your screen to the new card every day. If you don’t do the lock screen, maybe your phone wallpaper will do.

Along the same vein, why don’t you try to set you computer background as something that has significance to you? Make a sigil, or affirmation on a pretty background. Maybe post a photo of a spiritual place that you want to visit so that you are reminded of ancestors and goals that you may have. There are lots of options.

I bring up technology because many Pagans feel like they need to shun technology. Many try to get back to Nature – which is fantastic and I highly recommend this, but don’t fight what we have to use in order to survive in this world. That’s a lesson I’ve learned from ancestors. Use what you’ve got.

Do you have 10 minutes in between classes? Try to eat a granola bar or something else that’s small, and imbue it with good vibes. Bathroom break? Take a few extra moments on that porcelain throne and ground yourself and breath out any energetic funk. It’s gross to talk/think about but as you’re expelling physical waste, it may be a good time to do so energetically as well.  You have to take potty breaks anyway – why not use that time wisely?

Commute? Use the drive to listen to peaceful music – there are tons of free music apps, or you can go old school and burn a CD. While trying to find parking, do a little chant for a free spot.

As you can see, these aren’t HUGE things, but all the little moments add up. And you don’t have to go and do all of these – or any, for that matter – at once. Try to be more mindful of your daily flow, first. Notice when you have pockets of time that pop up and think about what is something that won’t stress you out that will make you feel more connected?

I know you can come up with a bunch! I have faith in you, my lovely reader.

Until next time,


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