The Witches Pyramid: What, Why and When to Utilize It.


The Witches Pyramid is a set of guidelines that help Witches live and well balanced practice. Some people place a lot of value on this teaching, and others, like me, haven’t heard of it until later on in their practice.

There are 4 (sometimes 5, depending on who you’re talking to) tenets of this whole teaching.

To Know (Air) – This simply means that you need to study. Anyone who has been on this path for a while knows that this is a never-ending path of learning and growth. In order to become the best Witch you can be, you must be open to new ideas, and you should constantly be reading, writing, observing etc. Air is about communication and intellect, so it makes since that To Know corresponds well with Air.

To Will (Fire) – This one is about intent and will, as it is named. To Will means that you have a reason, a need, to performing any witchcraft that you have. It’s always good to practice casting and spell work, but I think that in order for any spell or circle to really work you have to have a need. Not a desire, but a serious need. Scott Cunningham talks a little more about it in his books, if you’re interested in looking at it that way.

To Dare (Earth) – This is allllll about putting all that knowledge and firepower to use and daring to GO for it. To Dare is all about having the confidence you need in order to make a spell WORK. This is not the time for doubt, this is not the time to second guess yourself. You GOT this. You know your stuff, you NEED what you’re going for and it’s GOING to work. Lookit you, you powerful witch.

To Be Silent (Water) – You know you got it going on, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else needs to know what’s up. I like to think that your energy and magick are for you and no one else. It’s a meeting between you and Spirit, the Divine, Deity, whatever. No one else needs to know what goes on in your private relationships. Just like how you wouldn’t go screaming about your sex life from the top of your lungs, or posting every nitty gritty detail of your relationship on Facebook. Same. Thing. Some things are meant to stay private, no matter how confident you are. This will automatically protect you from people who doubt your magick, or don’t believe in it, or from anyone who isn’t accepting of your path. You don’t need their negative energies getting in the way of your work.

This next one is sometimes included, sometimes not. I never really learned it, but I figured I’d include it.

To Go (Spirit) – This talks about walking the walk in addition to talking the talk. From what I’ve gathered it’s all about making sure that you are able to do your workings, and to back up all that you’ve learned, all the energy you put into doing what you do and keeping what you do quiet.


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