Roll the Dice!

Hello gorgeous! 

I’m writing to let you know that I’m proud of you. 
You made it. You’re here, the last night of 2015. For some of you it may already be 2016. 
The New Year to me, is a fresh start, a blank slate, a blank page, a game board with a path of exciting adventures just waiting for me to roll the dice. It can be scary, for sure, but you’ve got this. 
Through the year you’ve had experiences and moments and smiles and tears and ALL of that has helped to carve out who you are today. And I am proud of you
I know first hand just how difficult life can be. It can seem that we’re in an endless loop of roll two, move forward, only to land on “move backwards 4 spaces.” 
There have been times when I’ve wanted to hastily shove my most treasured items into a backpack, grab all the crumpled dollar bills I had (not many) and the pour those into my car’s gas tank so that I could drive until the tank was empty, and then walk until my feet couldn’t carry me any farther to a place where no one knew me. 
I would have a new name. A new identity. A new start. 
Each and every time that feeling came up I would turn to my best friend, or my fiancee. I would just need one person to tell me “no.” To say “stop, I need you here.” That’s it, just one person to make me feel that this battle is worth it, one person to say that they needed me, one person to let me know that I mattered. 
You matter. You’re needed. It’s worth it. 
I promise. 
A new year can be scary, but it’s also so, so fun. You have no idea what’s in store for you, and everyday is an adventure and I think that this night is the night to remember that. This is the night when we can look at the game board, dice in hand and say “my move.” 
Let’s roll the dice together. Let’s make 2016 great because – I know it’s going to be great. 
Happy New Year. 

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