Practicing What I Preach

Today I decided to sit outside. It is cold, it is gloomy and I truly didn’t want to face the biting chill of the wind.

However, I am currently putting together a year and a day program for my new online coven The Coven of Moondust and Starlight and one of the assignments is to sit outside, to commune with the Earth and to journal about your connections made while sitting on Mama Gaia.

I have been practicing for 7 years now and I feel that I know of my connection to the Earth. I know what it feels like to lay out on the grass and feel the thrum energy skimming below the surface. I know what it’s like to stand outside at night and stare up into the endless abyss of stars and feel the Moon shining on my face.

I haven’t done it in a while, now that it’s colder here in New England. It’s a chilly 28 degrees outside as I write this, but I felt that it was only fair that I tugged on my winter coat and shoes since that’s what I’d be asking these people to do during my program.

So, after getting bundled up I grabbed a purple pen (because purple is the only color pen you’ll see me write with), my journal and Geronimo, my plush familiar.

I sat down on the very cold earth and I took out my journal and noted the time since I had promised myself that I’d only be outside for five minutes. Before I could even begin to close my eyes to meditate and connect with the Earth, it began to snow.

To some this is unimportant, but I have been waiting for the first snow of 2016 for 12 days now. It hasn’t snowed in my area all winter. No snow in December. None in November. I think a dusting in October.

The moment was perfect, and I’m glad that I scribbled it down into my journal. Here is what I wrote:

“The wind chime I have charmed is tinkling, the wind is biting and my fingers are being dusted by the light snow that started to fall the moment I sat down. It is the first snow of the new year and I am endlessly happy that I get to be here for it.”

This is why I preach about sitting outside in nature. These fleeting moments are the important ones. These are the moments that can’t be captured on Instagram, or in a Facebook status, or even in a blog post. This moment that I got to experience was a real memory and that’s what I really want all of my new students to experience. Real life, out in the world, creating their own spiritual path.

If you’re interested, please join me. Head over to the the Coven website and read up on the rules and then download the application.

Love and Light,


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