What do you like most about yourself?

What do you like most about yourself? It’s an unsettling question for many of us, myself included. What do I like about myself? Hmmm.
 It’s hard to come up with things. I can list off the things I dislike about myself quite easily. Too easily. I’m sure many of you have a running list of things that you need to work on, the flaws that you despise so much. 
We have learned that it’s normal for us to dislike ourselves. It’s what society makes its money off of. Marina and the Diamonds has a song called “Girls” off her album The Family Jewels and some of the lyrics are more true now than when the album came out in 2010. 
                                           Girls, oh girls, wag your tails to the beat

                                            Of Girls Aloud, oh the journos in heat

          Write such good stories

         Oh their mothers must be proud

         Making money of your insecurity and doubt

It’s the damned truth and it’s a damned shame. We are taught to pick out the things that we dislike, and to then talk about them and then to have verbal competitions over who hates what more, or who has the worst life, who can bitch the most. 
I want to change that and I want all of us to love ourselves, to be happy with our lives. I want each and every one of us to find our true soul’s purpose and to go after it wholeheartedly. 
That’s what I like most about myself. I’m endlessly caring. I care about everyone, whether I’ve known you for years or whether I just met you. I want to help. If I can help you in some way, shape or form I will, or I will do my best to point you in the right direction. I love that I have compassion when sometimes it seems like the world is running out of it. 
Tell me, what do you like most about yourself? Really, truly love about yourself? Comment below, or message me on facebook, or email me at ristoria@thewitchhollow.com Write it in your journal, stick it on a post it note on your mirror in the morning. Spread self-love around like mad. 

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