Cashier Witchcraft

Today’s blog is going to be all about witchcraft at the workplace if you’re a cashier, like me!

I recently changed jobs and now I’m a cashier at a grocery store (again.) I was a cashier at a grocery store few years ago, but then changed to a dry cleaners, but now I’m back!

I’ve been at the new store for a week and I love it! My coworkers are great, the customers are awesome and I really like the store itself. It’s an all natural, holistic, new age-y type place and I think it fits in perfectly with my own ideals (and I’ve been told I fit in there as well!)

This place feels alive. There is plenty of natural light because of the windows, there are plants all over, the customers and workers are all happy because we know we’re all doing all we can to protect the planet. I honestly can’t rave enough about this place.

All this leads me to talking about witchcraft and magick at the work place, specifically if you’re a cashier. I feel like lots of pagans that are younger might be cashiers. It’s a popular job for part time workers, especially students because usually there is a degree of flexibility.

That’s not to say that it isn’t one of the hardest jobs out there. If you’ve been a cashier, or ever worked in retail you know what I mean. If you haven’t then you’re incredibly fortunate. While I adore my job right now, I didn’t at the first grocery store. It was the complete opposite of what’s happening at my current job.

Cashiers are the BEST actors and actresses because we have to stand on our aching feet for hours at a time, smile all the while and be constantly busy with our customers, or tidying up around the store.

Most stores I work at, including my current one, have the cashiers responsible for far more than the register that we’re standing at. In addition to the register we take care of the entire front end. All sweeping, stocking the bathroom, making sure the aisles look neat and tidy, making sure all end caps and impulse buys are stocked and tidy, collecting hand baskets and carriages etc.

All this is fine on a good day, but a bad day? Forget it! It’s physically painful to smile at hundreds of people everyday when everything is going wrong and THAT’S where the cashier witchcraft comes into play.

Here is a quick list of all the little tips and tricks that I’ve come up with while being a cashier that will help you get through your day.



  1. Put a sigil on the back of your name tag. If you can’t write on it, then draw a little sigil on a small piece of masking tape and tape it to the back. If you’re allowed to decorate it, add some cute stickers to the front! 
  2. The classic penny in the shoe to bring money in! 
  3. Utilize that hand sanitizer! Many store have a bottle on most, if not all, the registers. If you had a particularly bad transaction, use the hand sanitizer to quickly “wash” away those vibes until you can get to a bathroom to wash your hands. Washing your hands with the water will allow the water to cleanse you. 
  4. Smile at the customers. I know, I know, I just said it was hard to smile, but studies show that smiles are contagious and good for you. If you’re feeling down in the dumps try to really smile at someone to get the endorphins pumping! It might make your day a little better. 
  5. If you’re a bagger or you also bag the food/products you ring out, it might make you feel better to visualize every item going into the bags doing good for your customers. At my store we sell a lot of holistic supplements and medicines and each time I bag them I send a mental note to them to please give the customer the outcome that they are searching for. 
  6. Ground during breaks. Don’t take your down times for granted! We all know the lunch and dinner time rushes, but when it’s quiet try to ground yourself, and that goes for your scheduled breaks as well. During the lulls I like to ask to collect the grocery carts so 1. I get to go outside and get some sun and fresh air and 2, I like to take a moment to ground and center on some actual dirt. 
  7. Black. Stones. Black stones are shielding and also absorb all the funk around you. If you can try to leave a little black tourmaline in your pocket/apron/on your register. 
  8. If you work on a commission try green stones as well. My favorite is aventurine. These will help you bring in the moolah! If you can put this in the register, (try the little coin cup that holds all your rolls of change!) 
  9. Red stone for protection and grounding, physical health and bravery. Red jasper is a favorite of mine, or snake eye carnelian, which is fiercely protective of its owner. Keep these in your pocket for those bad days! 
  10. If you can try to have a little sachet of lavender for it’s calming properities. I like to keep this in my purse in my locker so on my scheduled breaks if I’m feeling frazzled I can take a sniff of this and calm right down. 
  11. Salt and pepper for quick grounding and centering. Many break rooms have salt and pepper shakers, or you can find little salt and pepper packets. Mix the two together, and you have a quick protective powder. Sprinkle a teeny bit on your lunch or dinner and you’re good to go! 
I hope these help you out! Let me know if you have any other ideas! 

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