Why I’ve Been Quiet

Hey everyone,

Today’s going to be a little personal blog about why I’ve been so quiet lately. My last post went up in April and it’s now July.

To be honest my spiritual path has changed SO MUCH that I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to continue with The Witch Hollow. I feel like where I was when I started this is so, so incredibly different from where I am right now.

Back in June I went on a retreat dedicated to The Morrigan. I had been working with The Morrigan for about a year before this retreat, so it’s not like it was new, but I wasn’t doing as much, and I didn’t feel quite so much.

So, during the retreat I had so many incredible moments. At one point I spoke directly with Badb, an aspect of The Morrigan. Ever since that night I’ve had Her voice come through to me, to give me and a close friend messages.

The reason why this is so crazy for me is because if someone else had said something like that to me I would have politely nodded but though “yeah, sure this Goddess talks to you. suuuure you get messages, I TOTALLY believe you.”

If it were one or two times I would have chalked it up to a coincidence. The thing is, it happens about two to three times a day. After first speaking with Her I was with my best friend, at the retreat, and I would say things that she was thinking, without us even talking about them. Or I would say something and then we’d pull a tarot card that would perfectly describe what it was that I was saying. Or a card would pop out. Or, my favorite: I would shuffle for a few minutes at a time and no matter what the Queen cards would come out, one right after the other, every. time.

I just feel so incredibly tied to The Morrigan, and to Badb and my path has narrowed and zeroed in on Her so that’s all I’m really focusing on right now. The thing is though, is that I’m still so new to the path that I’ve chosen that I don’t really have too much to write about.

My path before this one was very Wiccan flavored, very “male/female” very “fluffy.” While I don’t consider myself to be a fluffy bunny, I will say that I focused on the light in order to help with my anxiety.

All of the things I’ve learned and have been practicing for the past 7-8 years just don’t feel right anymore. It just doesn’t click with me anymore. The things I used to talk about don’t apply to my own path, which leaves me in a bit of a pickle. Do I keep writing on what I do know that could help others, or do I start fresh and blog about the path I’m on? Do I blog at all? Lots of questions for myself, but I figured I’d fill anyone in if they happen to keep up with what I’m doing.


PS. I’m also struggling with the use of Ristoria. It was the name I chose for myself at the beginning of my path and even that seems stale and like it doesn’t fit anymore. Who knows.

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