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First, I really hope you like this new look – it took a lot out of me to get this all put together! Yay technical glitches.

Either way, I’m really, really excited for the new look, with new hosting, on a new platform, the whole thing. I hope that this will make for a cleaner look and will be easier to navigate.

Today I’d like to talk about grieving, from a Pagan point of view. For my fellow American readers, today is a day that stings. I won’t go into details, I don’t think we should relieve the horror that happened in 2001.

I do, however, want to talk about how Pagans overcome something like the 9/11 tragedy, how we hold onto faith in tough times.

The truth is, there’s no “one size fits all” type of grief for Paganism. Sometimes it’s really, really fuckin’ hard to hang onto faith when it seems like the world is literally falling around you.

What we can do, the only thing I really think I can do in times of intense grief is to take it one step at a time. Put one foot in front of the other. Try to be gentle with ourselves, and most importantly, ALLOW ourselves to grieve.

In today’s society people are really told to just “suck it up.” That “everyone has it bad” or that “it could be worse.”

Those are valid points, but the fact that it’s worse for someone else doesn’t denote that things aren’t good for you.

Again. the fact that it’s worse for someone else does not denote the fact that you are suffering.  You don’t have to have a pissing contest for who has it worse. That just breeds a toxic environment filled with all that negativity, which in turn will just draw more negativity to you – and no one needs that shit around.

Today while at work I had an interesting conversation with a customer about the retrograde we’re currently in. She said something that I think I’ll try to remember during times of grief. She said “instead of looking at something through a negative lens, with dread and fear, look at life like a child – full of wonder and questions! Ask ‘what does this new journey bring, what gift does this moment bring, what can I learn from this?'”



I think this is a productive way to look at pressing times and hopefully, we can all try to grow during the difficult moments. Comment below and tell me how you deal with life’s tough obstacles!


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