Ideas for a Daily Practice (without burning out)

I’ve been practicing for 7 years and one of my hardest hurdles to jump over was creating a daily practice that worked no matter what direction my path took and wasn’t too time consuming.

While it’s amazing to have hours every day to “get your witch on,” most of us don’t have that time, myself included.

If you’re like me and need quick, easy things to do that will make you feel more connected to the Divine, then this list is for you!

Chat with the Divine During Mundane Tasks.  I talk with the God and Goddess mainly when I’m alone, but am doing something else. It’s the perfect way to multitask. Get your dishes done and have a chat with the Divine! Watch those bubbles for signs.

Think to the Divine. If you can’t talk aloud like I just suggested (I know what you’re saying!  “I can’t talk aloud to them, folks will think I’m crazy,”)  you can think to them. Our thoughts are energetic vibrations, just like our words are. If you focus your thoughts to the Divine they will hear you. I do this when I’m in the shower, driving with someone else in the car but we’ve got music on and aren’t having a conversation, or when I’m at work. I’ve recently started doing this more often and I feel a million times better. It strengthened my bond with the God and Goddess. 

Use Your Time Wisely. I’m not here to lecture you about getting work done instead of staring at pictures of cats, or about spending too much time on Pinterest; don’t worry – look at all the cute kitties that you want, I won’t tell. BUT, we should use the small bursts of time that we have wisely. There are few different things you can do during those few minutes that we all catch here and there.

  • Before you’re fully awake you should meditate. You know that moment when you’re out of sleep, but you haven’t opened your eyes for the first time? It’s usually when you’re near tears because you don’t want to wake up and you’re begging the alarm clock to go back five more minutes.  Use these few moments to have a quick meditation. Normally I have a little chat with Brighid or The Morrigan, thank them for another morning and say hello to my Owl spirit guide, asking them to be with me throughout the day.
  • On your way to the bathroom in the morning, carry on that conversation. Go over what you need to do during the day and ask for signs to help you receive messages you might need.
  • I shower every morning and I make sure to use this time to practice some visualization. Picture your shower as an aura cleansing waterfall. You’ll feel clean physically and spiritually, trust me.
  • If you have a morning coffee or tea imbue that with good vibes. If you picture your cup filled to the brim with good things and then drink that your day will be much smoother.
  • Every time you use keys (which is quite a lot, if you think about it) imagine you’re opening new doors for new opportunities. Every time I lock the door or turn on the car I imagine that I’m twisting the key in new doors that are offering me brand new opportunities and paths that I wasn’t aware of before.
  • Imbue your food with good energy. Every time I sit down for a meal, I make sure to give a quick mental thanks to the God and Goddess for providing and I thank any animals that went into the making of the meal. I also do the coffee thing – visualize your food is filled with good energy to get you through the day. It makes that quick granola bar on lunch break taste way better. Also do this whenever you cook.
  • Use your cooking utensils like a wand. When you’re stirring, cutting, flipping your food, imagine energy travelling from the Earth, through the soles of your feet, up through your body and down your arm into the utensil. Same thing as the coffee example!

Light a Candle Before You Go To Bed. Before you go to bed, or while you’re watching T.V. for the night and unwinding, light a candle even if it’s just a tea light. Candles set a nice ambiance and I like to think of it as a beacon for my guide to come to me. Lighting a candle allows me to make a tiny spiritual space wherever I am. This is especially helpful if you’re looking for signs from the Universe. Lighting a candle allows you to be a beacon for the Universe to send your answers to.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up. This is one of the hardest for me. I try to do as many of these things in a day as I can, but I do forget to do some, or all of these, if my day is especially hectic. Don’t freak over it. Forgive yourself and try to make a mental note for the next opportunity to connect. Adding just one of these things to your day may help you. Baby steps. You’re building a practice that you want to come to you second nature – so if some of these don’t work, play around with what does work. Remember everyone is different and every path is different.

I hope some of these tips help! Do you have any little tips and tricks that allow you to make for a daily practice that allows you to connect to the Divine? Share in the comments, I’d love to hear what you guys do and try to incorporate them into my practice!




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