My witchy background.

In response to moving to a new site and having a few new readers, I thought it’d be nice for a re-introduction of myself and my witchy background so that everyone knows where I’m coming from.

I am 24 years old, and I’ve been Pagan for just over 8 years now. I was baptized Protestant when I was 7 and got really involved with the church until I was about 14, I even became the music teacher for the Vacation Bible School sessions. After that point, I started asking questions and simply wasn’t agreeing with what I was being taught in Sunday School. I asked my mom if I could stop going on Sundays and she was fine with it, so for a year or so I just lived without religion, sort of how I was raised in my early years. My mom is Protestant, but my father was Catholic and neither could decide what to baptize my sister and I. When my father died while my mom was 8 months pregnant with my baby sister she refound her faith. She was thinking about death and what would happen to our souls, should any of us die, so she has us baptized, which is why religion was introduced to our lives so late.

Right around turning 16 I started doing some research on other religions. When I stumbled upon a few sites outlining some basic beliefs of Paganism (mainly PaganWiccan.About.Com) I felt that *click* that many other Pagans describe, the whole “coming home” feeling. I have always had a fondness for nature and spirits (I fondly remembering carrying little pebbles and balancing them on leaves when I was very young, and remember telling my mom “they’re packages for the fairies!”) and I knew that my faith would lie in a forest somewhere, not in some stuffy building.

I called myself pagan until I was 17 and then I discovered Wicca. At that point in my life, it felt right and good. I started studying, learning, reading and connecting with people to ask questions. When I turned 18 and graduated from high school I met a girl who was starting a coven. We spent that summer in a bookstore, for hours on end, reading, researching and writing bylaws and member applications and figuring out what sort of a group we wanted.

After that first summer, however,  I went to a college a few states away from my home state and my practice stagnated badly. I didn’t have any time to do anything so I just fizzled out. When I came back home a semester later (yay debt!) I started having severe anxiety attacks. Those began in January of 2011 and they still happen. However, I’ve been going to therapy for almost 2 years now and they’re much better, in case you were wondering. 🙂

When I came back the original coven went through many phases and a few years later ( the group changed until it was just myself and a new High Priestess who had been a member.) At that point, things became super casual and we trekked along and wrote for a blog together starting in 2014. About a year after that, the group dissolved totally, although we worked together closely and are still best friends to this day.

All throughout this time, my own practice was changing. I went from worshipping a general God and Goddess to becoming very Goddess-centric. I started worshipping and working with Brighid. I had a few brief encounters and lessons with other Goddesses (Yemaya, Hekate, Spider Woman, Aphrodite, and Athena) but Brighid was a constant. Hekate stayed around for a while and every now and then I’ll still have words from her.

Last year my path went through a huge change which leads to where I am today. Last year August (2015) I went to a Pagan retreat with my other best friend  and there was a group ritual that introduced me to The Morrigan. At that point, I had no idea who She was or what She was capable of doing. I attended the ritual, fell in love with the energy and the next morning found a crow feather right at my feet. I took it as a sign and started working with The Morrigan. I lacked in studying – I admit it – but was still compelled to go to another retreat this past June that was totally dedicated to Her. The best friend I went to retreat #1 with has been working with Her for a year more than I, and told me that retreat #2 would change me forever.

That it did. This past June I have had so many amazing experiences that I would be talking about them forever. The main one was having an incredibly talented healer work on me and introduce me to Badb, one of the aspects of The Morrigan. I have been working extensively with Badb now and The Morrigan for the past year or so now.

So, I now call myself an Irish Witch, since that’s mainly what I do. I’m not Wiccan anymore, although that’s where my main background is.

Although The Morrigan is very front and center in my lfie right now I still work with Brighid and have for years now and I don’t believe I’ll ever stop. She was the first goddess I’ve had a huge connection to and as of right now I can’t see that bond every going away. I’m currently on day 14 of a 30-day challenge I’ve created for re-connecting with Brighid and next month I’ll be doing a 31-day challenge I create for connecting with The Morrigan. I seem to do well when I have a daily activity that I need to do.

So, that’s my background, in a nutshell! I’d love to hear your witchy stories if you’d care to share in the comment section!

Also, if you’d like me to post the Brighid challenge or The Morrigan challenge coming up, let me know! I’m considering doing a daily blog post so that people can follow along, or maybe a weekly one, so it’s not overkill.

Let me know below! <3




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