Witchy Tools: Athame

20160918_235829For those of you who don’t know an athame (ath-ah-may) is a ritual knife, traditionally black handled (although that’s changed in recent years, from what I’ve seen) and is used to channel energy – NEVER to cut something.

Most often they’re smaller, around a foot or smaller in length, although I’ve seen some bigger than that, and on the flip side I’ve seen some around 6″. Whatever channels energy best for you works!

My athame is your plain black handle, although I’ve attached a red and white
string to it that has symbolic meaning for me. The athame, for me, represents fire. Some people see the wands as the suit of fire, but it just doesn’t make sense for me. I use my athame to cast circle when I’m feeling extra spicy (uh, always) or when I’m feeling intensely fierce in my workings. Lately, especially with The Morrigan, it seems to be more often. I have a wand, two, actually, and I use them when the mood strikes, but more often than not  I find myself reaching for the athame.

When not in use the athame is sheathed, and placed respectfully on my altar, on the right-hand side, next to my Morrigan working candle. Maybe I’ll do an altar tour soon – it’s changed SO much from the past! Let me know if that’s something that you’d like to see or if altar tours are lame now. I know a while back they were really popular!



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