Wind Magick + Free Visualization Exercise

Some of you may not know, but I have an anxiety disorder.  Sometimes it’s because of triggers in my environment, sometimes it’s out of the blue.  I have a variety of tools and tricks to help me out when I’m having an anxiety attack, and I thought I’d share one of them with you.
When my anxiety is acting up I like to do a breathing exercise and while I’m doing that I visualize  the winds blowing through my lungs from the North and cleaning out any negativity that I may have stored up. The North winds correspond with Winter, death, hibernation, coldness etc.
I breathe in, to the count of 4 and visualize that the wind is a swirling, sparkly, dazzling  white and is filling me with that coldness to sweep out any of the “black ickies,”  and then I exhale, to a count of 4, and visualize that the air leaving me is heavy, weighted, still sparkly, black.
Then I visualize that the gunkies are being harmlessly reabsorbed into the Universe.
East winds correspond with the Spring, newness, intellect, communication, a warm breeze.
South is fiery, hot, Noon, Summer, It is good for any type of magick that you need oomph for.
West is a cool, Autumn type breeze that is good for love, healing energies and I like to use it for Goddess centered spells.
Now, I don’t always go outside for these things – so how do I use the different winds if I’m not outside in the wind?
Visualization. It’s one of the greatest skills I’ve picked up as a practicing Witch.
Do you have trouble with visualization? Then scroll down below for a free exercise that I used when I was first learning how to ground and center. Enjoy!
Tree Visualization
I prefer to sit when doing this, but you can stand, make sure you can balance when your eyes are closed.
Take a few deep breaths in. You don’t have to count to anything, just focus on the breath coming in and out of our body. Try to fill your belly instead of lifting your shoulders when you take a deep breath.
When you feel relaxed close your eyes and imagine a favorite scene for you. For me, it’s a giant forest with a waterfall somewhere in the background that roars and gives me strength.
Then I visualize that from the hips down I am a tree trunk. Imagine energy from the Earth flowing up through the bottoms of your feet, up your legs, up to your hips. Feel it flowing back down and creating energetic roots that are grounding you. With each deep breathe in the energy flows up. With each exhale, the energy flows down.
When you feel securely rooted then lift your arms. Imagine your fingertips are leaves and from the hips up you are the top of the tree. Deep breath in to bring energy all the way up to the tippy tops of your fingers and deep breath out to root you.
When I’m all filled with energy, I like to imagine that each breath in is from the Earth and each exhale is me pulling energy down from the Sun so I have both Goddess and God energy flowing through me.
Take a few moments to bask in the Sun. Feel any breezes and use their energies to help you.  Then imagine the energy gently leaving you to go back into the Earth. You are yourself again. Take a few more breaths and open your eyes.
How’s that feel? Much better I hope.
Be good everyone, take care of yourselves.



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