Heeding Brighid’s Call

Lately, as I think I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been being called to Fire and with that comes a call from Brighid. I have been devoted to Brighid for a few years now, and I am about to do a re-dedication ritual to Her.

My path with Brighid started out rocky. She came to me in a time of great need; I was going through a few health problems and my first meeting with her was scary. I didn’t know it was Brighid because she was wearing a cloak, hood up, and had a torch. She was standing on a dark dirt road. I just saw long hair, almost colorless in the gloom.

At first, I thought it was Hekate, but nothing else seemed to click with that thought. I then thought, a few years later, that it might have been The Morrigan, a young depiction of Badb. Now, I know that it was Brighid, because She told me so.

She has been gathering Her army. More and more people are being called to this Goddess of poetry, wisdom, justice, healing, creation, fire and water. She is Lady of the Stars, Lady of the Flame, Lady of the Oceans. Her touch can be felt by all, as Christian Saint, Voudon Lwa and Pagan Goddess. She has been known by many, many names, but I continue to call her “Home.”

She has been calling me to learn, to grow, to heal and to teach. Instead of running from Her and the responsibilities that She’s graciously bestowed upon me, I am going to pick them up and mold them to create a life in service to Her.

I write this post to urge you to answer the call of any Spirits that have been calling you. The Universe and those that rule in it are sending out a call to their warriors, to their healers, their scribes. The Deities are alive and well and are asking for us to step up and finally take part in the shaping of the World.

I am asking you to heed their call and to join me in joining the spiritual army.



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