I Got Published! (and a giveaway!!)

Hi everyone! Some of you may have seen my shiny new button on the side of the blog saying that I was published in Bella Grace Magazine! Yay!!! *happy dance*

I have been in love with this publication for a few years now. I first picked up issue #4, in June of 2015.  The cover was warm and inviting and had that fresh feeling of summer. You know what I’m talking about. This magazine had the look of laying on your bed with the window open, sheer lace curtains gently flowing in the night breeze. When I opened it up the feeling continued. Picnic baskets, strawberries and other warm images greeted me. A summer time bucket list is in that issue as well, reminding me to roast marshmallows, dance in the rain, journal more and build sandcastles.

This magazine is part art journal, part actual journal (there are writing prompts galore) and it was filled with wholesome stories of believing in yourself, your friends and family and most of all believing in life.  The website for Bella Grace says this:

Bella Grace is a special, 160-page publication devoted to discovering magic in the ordinary. Our aim is to touch the souls of our readers through beautifully penned stories and striking photographs that capture life’s beautiful journey. For anyone who is tired of trying to fit ill-considered standards of what beauty is supposed to look like or reaching for unattainable ideals – Bella Grace gives you permission to just go ahead and toss them. Embrace imperfection. Celebrate your messy life. Shine a spotlight on small, everyday moments – they are special, and they are yours. If you are looking for the most creative, inspirational women’s magazine available today – you’ve come to the right place.

They’re not wrong! The pages are thick and matte, perfect for scribbling along with the writing prompts, the photography is gorgeous and the writing is superb (if I do say so myself.)

So, in honor of being published in Bella Grace magazine, issue 11, I’m going to be hosting a giveaway so you can receive the copy I’m in (I start on page 46).

I KNOW you guys will love this publication and I can’t wait to see who wins! Please make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully! Only open to U.S. residents per Bella Grace’s rules, since they’re going to be shipping the magazine right to whomever wins! Good luck!

Thanks so much to Bella Grace Magazine for sponsoring this giveaway!
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4 thoughts on “I Got Published! (and a giveaway!!)

  1. Alice says:

    I subscribe to several Stampington magazines – they are such high quality; absolutely the best. I have not yet read Bella Grace.

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