Another Christian to Pagan Prayer

I’m back with a few more prayers for you! In case you missed my first post on the matter, I’m starting to rewrite some Christian prayers that I find in order to make them more Pagan friendly.

Short answer: why not?
Long Answer: Seriously, why not? I like the language of many Christian prayers. They’re profound and usually elicit a feeling of piety that I just don’t get with many of the Pagan prayers I find pinned on Pinterest boards and shared ad nauseum on Facebook. I don’t know if it’s the often chintzy graphics that they’re displayed on, or what, but I just don’t like them.
Also, “surprisingly” many of the prayers that I seem to find are incredibly Pagan already, but that’s a blog post for another time. So, I edit a few words here and there,  make them accessible to folks who want to use them and boom! More prayers that sound prayer-like instead of on some horribly glittery weird looking graphic written in Papyrus font. *shudders*



Blessing of Candles*

Gods of night and of day, 
we praise you for the brightness of our sun,
for the softer light of the moon
and the splendor of the stars, 
for the fires of Earth that bring us light and warmth
even as they imperil all who use them. 
By the great and small lights we mark our days and seasons, 
we brighten the night and bring warmth to our winter, 
and in these lights we see light. 

In the beauty of these candles,
keep us in quiet and in peace
keep us safe and turn our hearts to you
so we may be a light for our world.

~Catholic Household Blessings & Prayers, as printed in Give Us This Day Feb 2017

*I shit you not the only thing I’ve done to this one is make this read “Gods” at the beginning and I took out a line that mentions Jesus and a few lines at the end. THE REST IS WORD FOR WORD. Pssssh Christians are some of the best Pagans I know. 


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