Tips for Vending Tarot Readings

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Today I have a nifty little checklist for you if you’re going to be vending tarot readings!
I haven’t been doing this long (only 2 official gigs as of right now) but creating a checklist has seemed to help me make things go along a lot smoother. Some of the things may not work for you or for the event, but you’ll never know unless you give it a try, right?

  1. Your favorite deck! I used to bring a few decks and have the client choose – most of the time they chose the same deck over and over and it was my favorite! The energies of that deck are apparently well received, so why carry more than I need?
  2. Business cards! These are really helpful, and I can’t recommend them enough. Browse around online to see what pricing fits you and your needs, but I really liked Staples! The cards may be a bit of an investment, but they get your name out there. Not only do they make you look more professional, but if it’s a busy event if you’re in a read you can direct someone to the card and your contact info. At the end of a read I make sure to give my client a card to let them know I’m available for further questions (or more readings!)
  3. A sign up sheet for virtual readings. This depends if you do readings online or strictly in person, I do both, so I make sure to offer both! Both gigs I vended weren’t specifically New Age/Pagan in nature, so some people weren’t comfortable with sitting with me behind the table, but were willing to sign up to have the reading via email since it was more private. Plus, also works as a sign up sheet if you have a line and are currently sitting with someone!
  4. Snacks and water. Reading takes a lot of energy out of you and you have to make sure to stay hydrated and keep that energy up.
  5. Credit card reader. This makes your audience a lot wider compared to just accepting cash. Browse around and see which one works for you and your business!

I usually also carry gemstones on me, my planner in case someone wants to book a private reading and a sign that says I accept credit cards!

What else do you use to vend tarot? What have you learned that you don’t need? Comment below!!



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