31 Days of the Morrigan

Welcome to 31 Days of the Morrigan!

This is my second round of organizing this challenge. I do it for The Morrigan, as an act of devotion to her.

20 days ago I was at The Morrigan’s Call, a retreat dedicated to Her. During the entire weekend I hear the phrase “do the work” so much so that I was fucking sick and tired of hearing it.

I learned about creating a daily devotional practice and every morning I have been getting up to say prayers and offer wine/libations of some sort for the past 19 days. It was rewarding to start, but I still felt like The Morrigan wanted more – specifically Badb wanted more.

Last year I created a challenge that got people to further know Her. I got a lot out of the challenge, and I know other did because they wanted another one. I put it off for a while because of how much work goes into these, and last year it was in October, so holiday seasons and savings and shopping was starting, and I was in the middle of a semester at school etc.

For the past week more and more people were joining the Facebook group I made for the challenge. I recognized the sign and decided to come up with another challenge.

So! If you’ve been looking for something fun to do this summer come join me and 176 others over on Facebook to follow along with the FREE challenge!


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