New Project: Sprinkle+

Hi everyone!

I am here to announce that I’m going to be starting a new project: Sprinkle+!

This is going to mainly be a youtube channel. It’s also a place for me to talk about all aspects of my life, instead of just Paganism. The Witch Hollow is THE place for all things Paganism, and will continue to be, but any videos that I happen to make will be over on the Youtube Channel: Here.

If you want to learn about plus-size fashion, random crafting and DIYs, recipes try-outs, product reviews and a bunch of other stuff then I highly recommend you come on over to Sprinkle+.

It’s slow going as of right now, but once I get over this stupid cough/flu/bronchitis I’ll be hitting it hard!

I hope to see you over there!


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