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The Next Step: Becoming a Fire Priestess

image by Ristoria Every year I get together with my two best friends, along with our significant others, for a Yule party. This year it landed on December 16th. We did the usual eating, chatting, gift exchange and cookie exchange. (All of which are some of my favorite things, I mean PRESENTS!) This year however, >>Read More<<


Elder Signals the Beginning of the End

Today is the first day of the Celtic Tree Month of Elder. Elder is the last in the cycle until Birch begins the cycle anew on  December 24th. It all makes sense, to me, for Birch to begin on Christmas Eve. Even though I am obviously Pagan, I still celebrate Christmas. It holds a special place in >>Read More<<


Ancestor Worship

I suck at ancestor worship. Like, really. I keep trying to make it a priority but whenever I think about my family I think of all the abuse and lack of support and I just freeze up. Being an Irish Witch means that family is important. Ancient Celts regularly died protecting one another’s honor, fighting >>Read More<<

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The Witches Pyramid: What, Why and When to Utilize It.

Source The Witches Pyramid is a set of guidelines that help Witches live and well balanced practice. Some people place a lot of value on this teaching, and others, like me, haven’t heard of it until later on in their practice. There are 4 (sometimes 5, depending on who you’re talking to) tenets of this >>Read More<<


Magic or Magick?

Which one? This topic is one that confuses both beginners and advanced witches alike. I learned that Magick is more suitable when describing witchcraft because it differentiates between parlor tricks and “real” magic. states the following: magic: the art of producing illusions as entertainment by the use of sleight of hand, deceptive devices, etc.; legerdemain; conjuring: >>Read More<<

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Commanding the Universe

Today I’m going to talk about spellwork and magick and about banishing doubts while working magick. I feel like we’ve all been there, especially if you’re new to magick. There’s that tiny little voice in the back of your head that scoffs at you thinking that “this is never going to work.” Or “you’re doing >>Read More<<