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The Next Step: Becoming a Fire Priestess

image by Ristoria Every year I get together with my two best friends, along with our significant others, for a Yule party. This year it landed on December 16th. We did the usual eating, chatting, gift exchange and cookie exchange. (All of which are some of my favorite things, I mean PRESENTS!) This year however, >>Read More<<


Elder Signals the Beginning of the End

Today is the first day of the Celtic Tree Month of Elder. Elder is the last in the cycle until Birch begins the cycle anew on  December 24th. It all makes sense, to me, for Birch to begin on Christmas Eve. Even though I am obviously Pagan, I still celebrate Christmas. It holds a special place in >>Read More<<


Ancestor Worship

I suck at ancestor worship. Like, really. I keep trying to make it a priority but whenever I think about my family I think of all the abuse and lack of support and I just freeze up. Being an Irish Witch means that family is important. Ancient Celts regularly died protecting one another’s honor, fighting >>Read More<<


The History of my Anxiety

My first huge anxiety attack was on January 13th, 2011. I’m not sure I’ll ever really forget the date, although I wish I could because whenever January 13th rolls around I get a heaviness stuck in my throat like I’ve swallowed a brick and it doesn’t matter how much water I sip throughout the day >>Read More<<


Witchy Tools: Athame

For those of you who don’t know an athame (ath-ah-may) is a ritual knife, traditionally black handled (although that’s changed in recent years, from what I’ve seen) and is used to channel energy – NEVER to cut something. Most often they’re smaller, around a foot or smaller in length, although I’ve seen some bigger than >>Read More<<

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What do you like most about yourself?

What do you like most about yourself? It’s an unsettling question for many of us, myself included. What do I like about myself? Hmmm.  It’s hard to come up with things. I can list off the things I dislike about myself quite easily. Too easily. I’m sure many of you have a running list of >>Read More<<